Day 2 Plan

What we’re hoping for on Day 2

  1. Breakfast. Destination unknown, but I’m hungry.
  2. Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s at 12:15 and The Ting Tings at 12:45, followed by a big ol’ wandering break from 1:30 – 3:30 when we see either MGMT or DeVotchKa. I expect to explore the giveaways, the Playstation tent, the hammocks and the wine bar.
  3. I think we’re going to split up at 6:30 with me going to Broken Social Scene and Kelley going to Lupe Fiasco.
  4. Wilco at 8:30. This will be the first headline act that I ever stay for at Lolla.
  5. The 10-ish pm train back to Skokie. Parking at the Howard train station and driving back to Skokie (since the last train to leave Howard for Skokie is at 11, and we’d likely miss it)

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