Why I’m excited about Lollapalooza 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Death Cab For Cutie.
The Raconteurs.
The Flaming Lips.
Queens of the Stone Age.
The Shins.
Ryan Adams.
Sonic Youth.
Thievery Corporation.
Broken Social Scene.
Iron & Wine.
The Secret Machines.
Panic! at the Disco.
Nada Surf.
The Hold Steady.
The Go! Team.
Mates of State.
The Subways.
Of Montreal.
Be Your Own Pet.

Heck, I might even enjoy Kanye West.

lollapalooza.com has all the details

Lollapalooza 2005 Top 10

July 23rd and 24th marked my first ever Lollapalooza experience, and overall, I give it a solid A. The bands were great. The grounds were f’n HOT. Yeah, luckily, Lollapalooza was held on Chicago’s hottest weekend in 6 years. I think it was 105 degrees on Sunday — in 5 years, I’ll be saying it was 125. So, you might want to bookmark this if you plan to correct me…

I promised a top 10 bands I saw at Lolla’ list, so here goes:

#10 – …and you will know us by the Trail of the Dead
First band I saw on Saturday. Some good rocking beats. Having two drummers is a fun novelty. This is the first live concert I’ve ever been to where they trashed the stage (kicking over the drum sets and so forth) at the end. Nice start to the weekend

#9 – VHS or Beta
These guys were stuck on a horribly placed side stage across Columbus Ave. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of their sound. (and almost shocked that they said they were from Louisville — who knew?). Quality act, poor stage.

#8 – The Bravery
I don’t get the whole Bravery vs Killers thing. They don’t sound much alike, and they’re about a year apart in terms of quality. They sounded ok at best, but put on a decent show.

#7 – The Pixies
Judging by the crowd, this is going to be higher than 7 on a lot of people’s lists. I’m just not a Pixies guy, so it had less of a thrill for me. Frank Black is a large man, I think I saw a good inch of sweat on him after two songs.

#6 – Kaiser Chiefs
Watch these guys. If they can tighten up their sound, they’re going to be putting on some really fun live shows very soon. Definitely a band with energy, stage presence, and that entertainer charisma thingy.

#5 – OK Go
This was a great start to Sunday, which was not only the hotter of the two days, but also the better one musically. These guys deserved a better timeslot, since the crowd was truly reserving their energy for the 8 hours of music ahead. I really liked their show though.

#4 – Kasabian
New band with a bit of an electronica/alt-rock sound. For a new band, they put on a very tight, solid show that I enjoyed a lot.

#3 – Louis XIV
This band ranks highly largely because they were so surprising. I was really expecting more of a glam-pop type experience given the way these guys always dress/act in videos, but they were in fact a much more traditional looking and sounding rock band. This is a good thing for their long-term potential. Great stage presence and they’ve got some of that “It” factor going. Their biggest challenge? They need to move beyond some of their adolescent-ish songs to more mature lyrics/messages to truly gain a solid foothold audience-wise.

#2 – The Arcade Fire
I really liked this band coming in, but I had no idea they had like 10-15 people in the band (think Polyphonic Spree with regular clothing instead of robes), including an accordian person and such. I think I like them even more because of their originality. They put on a REALLY fun show. Tons of energy including one guy whose job is apparently to just try to be really annoying. He threw a mike stand into the crowd, blindfolded the keyboard player, and so on. All the while, it didn’t really detract from the music.

#1 – The Killers
Absolutely no doubt this was the highlight of the weekend. And, it was my expected highlight, so this is doubly amazing, since it was really everything I hoped it would be. I think the crowd for this show was like 1000 people deep. Awesome.

Now, where’s Lolla 2006 gonna be?

And when is Milwaukee going to put on an alternative rock festival?