Well, that was awesome!

I just returned from Game 3 of the NLDS at Miller Park, which the Brewers won, 4-1 over Philly.

Now, I only came about this opportunity because my friend Scott had to go to his cousin’s wedding — so, thank you Scott. Thank you thank you thank you!

I’ve never been to a baseball game that was louder. It was simply a phenomenal experience. It has to be in my top 10 live sporting event experiences of all time (which is probably a good idea for a future post).

Top cheers heard as we exited the stadium:

  • “Let’s Go Brewers”
  • “Let’s Go Dodgers”
  • “F**k the Phillies”

There was also a lot of high-fiving of strangers — Milwaukee is happy tonight!

I’m also pretty sure my voice is going to be a little strained at Lambeau tomorrow as the Packers take on Atlanta in the conclusion of my sports-heavy weekend!

Go Brewers!

Brewer Fever

Brewer fans today celebrated the pending financial bailout by loading up on Brewer gear. This was the scene at the Miller Park retail store at noon today.

Go Brewers!